12-string guitar rag in G #2

The first thing of the week is something I’ve been working on with my 12-string acoustic guitar. It’s the second of three recorded¬†(so far) demo¬†improvisations in a series I’ve done in an open G tuning. I plan to develop it as my technique improves:



dusk, southern appalachians, western n. carolina

After a half-lifetime of guitar, I only recently got decent at fingerpicking, after watching some free banjo lessons online and applying what I learned there to guitar as well as watching an instructional video by Doc Watson. Also, I’ve got a dusty old Takoma LP that I’ve listened to quite a bit in the past year with John Fahey, Leo Kotke and Peter Lang that connected with my endless background/fascination with old-time Appalachian music; other recent favorite listens are records by Sir Richard Bishop (“Polytheistic Fragments”) and Daniel Higgs, and as always Jack Rose and Pelt.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Great playing! I play guitar, too. I found this post searching for Daniel Higgs stuff. I’m a big fan of all the stuff you listed. I’ve been a longtime Lungfish fan.

    Do you use fingerpicks and/or a thumbpick? What other stuff do you listen to? What kind of guitars do you have?

  2. alec Says:

    ben, thanks for the kind words. i usually don’t play with fingerpicks when picking, but starting to more on the 12-string. this is a guild 12-string i found at gruhn’s guitars in nashville about 8 years ago. it’s a great sounding guitar, and very playable, but like all 12-strings a bit more work to keep in tune.

  3. aleatoric» Blog Archive » hopping over shadows (no. 9). Says:

    […] you will recognize this as a revisiting of (although re-recorded from scratch) and developing upon idea no. 1, “12-string open G rag #2.” […]

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