handy tools for audio geeks

This reference site has just about anything you can imagine you’d need, from note names and frequencies, to a chord finder, to a BPM calculator, and much more:


I found it when I was looking for the frequency range of a standard 88 note piano, and the MIDI notes that corresponded for a simple MAX patch I was working on. So far, it just plays random piano quarter notes in a minor scale, you pick the root key and the octave span and tempo. I was thinking I could make a robot that does a good Terry Riley impression a la Rainbow in Curved Air.

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  1. andrew dalio Says:

    Thx for the link. I have an old article from Polyphony magazine (called “Name That Tone!”), which has the formulae for converting notes to frequencies and vice versa. However, this chart makes it a lot easier (if not quite as fun). Of course, the frequencies listed are just the root tones, and not any of the overtones (although a piano string, being rather imperfect and also in sets of 3, would have a rather inharmonic overtone structure. But that’s another [long] story…).

  2. aleatoric Says:

    Hmm, maybe an iPhone app is called for…

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