Name that tune: the ice cream truck song (part 1)

Ice cream trucks all over use different songs, but the one in the areas of New Orleans where I work and live (Mid-city and Carrollton) has a tune I haven’t been able to figure out, nor have any of my friends. It’s not “Turkey In the Straw” or “The Duff Beer Song” (“Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you”…) but it’s close. Anyway, I’ve finally got it recorded, at least a block down, so mostly you hear some birds chirping.

New Orleans ice cream truck song (3.1MB mp3; 2:17)

EDIT: this is but one of several ice cream trucks songs I’ve been trying to figure out but NOT the one we were hearing every day at the office, so expect a part two as soon as I get it recorded.

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