Vuvuzela! (USA Wins 1-1 vs England)


If you’ve watched any of the current World Cup, you have an opinion about the plastic horns that the fans use to blare on and drone throughout the matches. Surprisingly, all of my friends seem to like the background noise they provide and find it somewhat soothing. Others, or so I’ve heard, find them extremely annoying and liken them to the sound of attacking hornets. Okay, I will admit that they do sound like a swarm of bees, but I actually like the sound of bees. I am not sure, but I am pretty sure that it’s not a coincidence that the word “drone” is used both for male worker bees and the droning sound that bees make.

So whith that in mind, here is a Vuvuzela-heavy remix of the US-England game this past Saturday, or at least the last 14 minutes of the last half. You can hear the US score the “winning” goal at 5:15 (thanks to British goalie Robert Green, who I offer my sincerest condolences to).

Vuvuzela (mp3)

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  2. fourthirtythree Says:

    Love this. Thanks very much for that. It has changed my opinion of the vuvuzela – I’m still not overjoyed with the rest of the match atmosphere being drowned out but I now realise it’s an awesome noise.

  3. Peter Says:

    Great stuff!
    Do you mind if I use part of this sound file on my radio programme (rhizoradio: Sunday’s at 18:00 CET on
    Best wishes,

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  5. Harold Schellinx Says:

    The complete soundtrack of the world cup final between the Netherlands and Spain, without comments: “The Final Soundtrack” —

    2 hours and 2 minutes / mp3

    Download, share, remix!


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  7. mack Says:

    A student in my “Sounds of Globalization” course wrote a nice paper in which he used the concepts of acoustic ecologist R. Murray Schafer to describe the ways the Vuvuzela changed the soundscape of the World Cup. He also connected its buzzing sound to a class I had taught about the role of noise in African sound aesthetics. He should have had this remix for his presentation!

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