Oops, forgot to mention…

I just realized I never mentioned my latest new iOS app. It’s codesigned by Josh Warren, who I worked with on the Aquarium 2 app. It’s interesting enough visually and user interface-wise to mention here, and we made our own custom alarms (I made the “Ascending” and “Descending” alarms using Ableton Live.)

The app is what we’re calling a “personal sunlight assistant” and the official app is titled Sol: Sun Clock. You can read more about it at Juggleware.

Or just go straight to the App Store. It runs on iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Editor B Says:

    This is so cool I wish I had an iPhone. You are a man after my own heart. I have often thought in this tech-happy age there’s no excuse for us to live by the absolute, inflexible clock. We should be able to live relative to the changing rimes of the sun — like before clocks were invented! All we need are flexible clocks. Voila. Everything old is new again.

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